Tuesday, September 30, 2014

recto/verso + DIY Silvie Mug Cozy

→recto: Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy @ Purl Avenue
↓recto: Cotton Twirl Squares Baby Blanket @ Straw
←verso + DIY inspiration: Silvie Mug Cozy @ A Cook By The Book

You’ll need:

2 Knitting Needles
1 Big Sewing Needle
1 Small Sewing Needle
Cute buttons

What to do:

  • Cast on 22 stitches.
  • Work 2 rows in garter stitch (by knitting and purling alternate rows).
  • First Set of Blocks:
  • Row 1: K2, *K6, P6, K6*, K2
    Row 2: K
    2, *P6, K6, P6*, K2
  • Repeat these two rows until a total of 6 rows are completed.
  • Second Set of Blocks:
  • Row 1: K2, *P6, K6, P6*, K2
    Row 2: K
    2, *K6, P6, K6*, K2.
·         Continue alternating Sets of Blocks until a total of 14 sets are complete = 84 rows.
·         End by working 2 rows of garter st to match beginning border.
  • Bind off .
  • Trim ends and weave in. Sew buttons to opposite sides of the loops.
  • Button up your cup!





Garter Stitch      Knit               Purl


Please take a moment to watch and admire this. By Ainslie Henderson~

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